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Algeria's First AI Competition


Algeria AI Challenge is an artificial intelligence (AI) competition organized by the non-profit organization AIMx. The competition is intended to put technological skill and creativity to the test among Algerian university students. It gives students the opportunity to develop AI projects of their own invention, the three most innovative of which will be rewarded. 

Algeria AI Challenge aims more broadly to promote training in AI and the development of an AI ecosystem in Algeria. Students are encouraged to pursue their creativity beyond the competition, to the creation of startups. The goal of this initiative is to inspire excellence and leadership in the use of AI as a means of promoting growth in the Algerian economy. All participants will receive a token gift for contributing to this mission.


The final day of the competition will take place in Algeria. The different teams will come together to present and demonstrate their projects. The logistics, exact date, and venue for the competition final will be provided at a later date.​​


Eligibility and the Application Process

In order to apply, you must:

  • Be enrolled at an Algerian university during the current academic year.

    • Recently graduated students (2019/2020 academic year) are also eligible.​

  • Be part of a team of 2-4 students applying together; single applicants will not be considered.

    • Team members may be at different university levels and/or may be from different universities or institutions.

    • Only one doctoral student is allowed per team.

  • Have engaged either a professor or an AI professional who is associated with a university to serve as an advisor to the project.

  • Write a 3-5 page project proposal.

  • Fill out the application form.

  • Send your application by email to: contact@aim-x.org

AIMx is not responsible for and will not consider any late, incomplete, or incomprehensible submissions.



AIMx is committed to furnishing competing teams with a development kit. Applicants must be prepared to develop an AI project that will run on the development kit selected by AIMx. For this first edition of the competition, the kit will consist of:

1- An NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ Developer kit.

2- An Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 (NCS 2)

3- A Raspberry Pi camera module.

The number of teams selected to participate will be determined by the number of applications received and the quality of the projects proposed. Once applications have been received, a selection committee appointed by AIMx will choose the strongest candidates, who will go on to participate in the competition. The selection committee will evaluate the applications according to the selection criteria.

kit+camera transparent background.png



Algeria AI Challenge will take place in five stages:

  1. Application (27 September - 05 December 2020) – Eligible teams submit their applications (Extended deadline).

  2. Selection (05 December - 22 December 2020) – The selection committee evaluates the applications and chooses which teams will go on to participate in the competition. AIMx distributes development kits to the selected teams.

  3. Competition (23 December 2020 - 30 July 2021) – Teams work to complete their projects. (See project evaluation criteria)

  4. Submission (31 July 2021) – Teams submit their project write-ups and demonstration videos. (See submission guidelines)

  5. Competition Final (13 October 2021) – The competition final will take place in three parts:

    • Part I: Teams take turns giving an oral presentation of their projects in front of the panel of judges. (See presentation guidelines

    • Part II: Teams give practical demonstrations of their projects. This exhibition-style event is intended to give participants the opportunity to network with the professionals in attendance.

    • Part III: Winning teams are announced and presented with their awards.


Selection Criteria

Projects will be selected to participate in the competition based on the criteria listed in the table below. Please note that projects must comply with the regulations in place in Algeria concerning the collection and use of necessary materials for the project (e.g., collection of databases for learning purposes).




Project Evaluation Criteria

A panel composed of qualified professionals in the fields of AI and business will assign each project a score out of 100, according to the criteria listed in the table below. The panel’s decisions are final and may not be contested.

project evaluation criteria table_2.PNG

Submission Guidelines

Upon completion of their projects, teams should be prepared to submit the following:

  • A detailed write-up of the project (Min. 5 pages)

    • Project concept – Describe the idea behind the project.

    • Methods – Describe the steps followed to realize the project.

    • Results – Discuss any problems encountered and any aspects of the project that could be improved in a future iteration.

  • A video presenting and demonstrating the project (Max. 10 minutes)

Presentation Guidelines

Teams will be expected to present the following at the competition final:

  • Team – Introduce each team member and state his or her contribution to the project.

  • Project concept – Explain how the project responds to a given issue.

  • Commercial potential – Explain how the project can lead to the creation of a business (startup).




By agreeing to participate in the competition, teams are committing to respect the competition rules.

  • Teams must present the same project that they proposed in their application. No team will be allowed to present a project that was not approved by the selection committee. The advisor and members of any team that fails to comply with this rule will be banned from any future edition of the competition.

  • A team is only permitted to enter the competition with one project. In the case of multiple submissions by a single team, only the last submission will be considered.

  • All projects must run on the provided development kit. Any team whose project cannot run on the kit will be disqualified and asked to return their kit to AIMx.

  • A participant is not permitted to be a member of multiple teams.

  • An advisor may only be associated with a single team.

  • Advisors are not permitted to serve on the scientific committee.

  • Each team is responsible for managing its own interpersonal dynamics. Under no circumstances will AIMx act as an arbiter in the event of a dispute concerning the management of a team or the cooperation of its members.

  • The role of an advisor is limited to offering support and guidance to the team. Any contribution by an advisor cannot and will not give that advisor the right to claim authorship or the copyrights to any project.

  • Winners may be asked to sign a release form allowing AIMx to use photos and demonstration videos for promotional purposes.